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Move Fast when Water Damage Strikes

5/20/2022 (Permalink)

We’ve all been there...Sitting at the kitchen table and someone spills a glass of water. Quick! Clean it up! How does that relate to water that spills out of a pipe? Is it so important to clean water from your property? 

SERVPRO of Edgewater/Deale-Churchton/Lothian offers 24/7 water mitigation services because of the importance of quick remediation. Here’s a timeline of how water can create damage in your Edgewater home or Deale business: 

Water Damage Timeline 

Within Minutes 

  • Water quickly spreads throughout your property, saturating everything in its path. 
  • Water is absorbed into walls, floors, upholstery, and belongings. 
  • Furniture finishes may bleed, causing permanent staining on carpets. 
  • Photographs, books, and other paper goods start to swell and warp. 

Hours 1 - 24: 

  • Drywall begins to swell and break down. 
  • Metal surfaces begin to tarnish. 
  • Furniture begins to swell and crack. 
  • Dyes and inks from cloth and paper goods spread and stain. 
  • A musty odor appears. 

48 Hours to 1 Week: 

  • Mold and mildew may grow and spread. 
  • Doors, windows, and studs swell and warp. 
  • Metal begins to rust and corrode. 
  • Furniture warps and shows signs of mold. 
  • Paint begins to blister. 
  • Wood flooring swells and warps. 
  • Serious biohazard contamination is possible. 

More Than 1 Week: 

  • Restoration time and cost increase dramatically; replacing contaminated materials and structural rebuilding may be extensive. 

When it comes to water in your property, the key to lowering your expenses and minimizing damages is get it cleaned quickly. 

Fire Restoration Pros

5/4/2022 (Permalink)

When your home or office suffers a fire, the amount of damage may be the first thing on your mind. In addition to the fire and smoke damage, significant water damage from firefighting efforts and fire suppression systems may occur. Restoring your work space after a fire involves 3 restoration facets: water damage, smoke damage, and fire damage. Our goal at SERVPRO of Edgewater/Deale-Churchton/Lothian is to get your business up and running as quickly as possible.

Technically, water is NOT part of a fire event. However, the hoses and amount of water used to extinguish a fire typically causes some sort of water damage. If this damage isn’t treated properly, the property may suffer mold damage later.

Smoke and Soot cause a large amount of damage in a property. Not only for the obvious discoloration, but for their harmful odors and contamination. Some structural framing can be treated for odor contamination, but most of the contents in a property affected by smoke and soot will need to be transported to our facility. In some cases, SERVPRO can remove odors in our ozone chamber and our Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment can easily remove black soot that cannot be removed by human hands.

Fires spread quickly and destroy furnishings and appliances but oftentimes, electronics can be restored to pre-fire condition. It’s important that these contents are disposed of properly. But, a very important element in fire restoration is to restore or remove the HVAC system to ensure no harmful particles will spread through the air and cause future health problems.

When fire and water take control of your life, we help you take it back. SERVPRO of Edgewater/Deale-Churchton/Lothian is open 24/7 and ready for emergency service.

COVID Cleaning Done Right

4/7/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Edgewater/Deale-Churchton/Lothian professionals are uniquely prepared during this unprecedented time to clean and sanitize your business according to the protocols set forth by the CDC. We have years of experience in dealing with biological contaminants, and we will go beyond the scope of work that regular janitorial staff perform daily. Although the pandemic is ending, it is important for businesses to feel safe in their own offices.  

Here are 4 things that show how our cleaning is different than janitorial cleaning:  

IICRC Certified. The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) is the non-profit certifying body for the cleaning and restoration industry. Not only is SERVPRO of Edgewater/Deale-Churchton/Lothian IICRC certified as a firm, but most members of our staff carry several IICRC certifications.  

Cleaning Experts. The CDC encourages cleaning of high-touch surfaces such as counters, tabletops, doorknobs, light switches, bathroom fixtures, toilets, phones, keyboards, tablets and tables at a minimum. Most of our cleaning tactics will go beyond the scope of work that regular janitorial staff perform on a daily basis  

The CDC also recommends regular cleaning of the following areas/items:  

  • Kitchen/Food Areas 
  • Bathrooms in Schools/Classrooms 
  • Offices 
  • Retail Spaces 
  • Water Fountains 
  • Shelving/Racks  
  • Sales Counters 
  • Carpets and Rugs 
  • Stair Handrails 
  • Elevators and Escalators 
  • Playground Equipment 
  • Fitness Equipment 

Cleaning Products. Multiple products in the SERVPRO product line meet this standard and carry the EPA-registered emerging pathogens claims. While there is currently no product tested against this strain of the coronavirus, we are following all guidelines as provided by the CDC and local authorities.  

Our proprietary cleaning agents, Benefact and Shockwave, are EPA-certified, hospital-grade disinfectants that have demonstrated effectiveness against viruses like COVID-19 on hard, non-porous surfaces.  

We carry multiple hospital-grade disinfectants and provide our personnel with proper PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). Not only does this protect everyone, but it also protects the building and people in it.    

Cleaning Procedures. SERVPRO of Edgewater/Deale-Churchton/Lothian technicians are experts in infectious disease cleanup and bio-hazard cleaning. We are a member in American Bio Recovery Association (ABRA). Our proven cleaning procedures and protocols have been used to clean and sanitize rhinovirus and norovirus in the past. We are implementing similar protocols, and we are "battle tested" regarding virus cleanup.  

Bring the professionals in! Call SERVPRO of Edgewater/Deale-Churchton/Lothian (410) 867-3590. 

SERVPRO of Edgewater invests in our Employees

3/8/2022 (Permalink)

As an industry leader in restoration, SERVPRO of Edgewater/Deale - Churchton/Lothian strives to constantly improve. Whether that is through our equipment or training and anything in between, our franchise wants to be the best restoration company you can find. Not only do we provide some of the best restoration services in Anne Arundel County, our franchise invests time and assets into our employees to advance their careers within the restoration industry. Our production team is consistently taking courses to earn IICRC certifications and learning as much as possible about the restoration industry. 

One of our production team members, Josh, is currently taking an IICRC course for a water damage certification. Josh has been a reliable production technician for our franchise over the past two years. Now, Josh is taking the opportunity to advance his career and is working towards becoming a crew chief! 

Our franchise cares about our employees and wants them to grow. We take the time to invest in training and continual learning. If your home or business needs deep cleaning or restoration services, call the experts today SERVPRO of Edgewater/Deale-Churchton/Lothian at (410) 867-3590. 

The PASS Technique

3/1/2022 (Permalink)

At SERVPRO of Edgewater/Deale-Churchton/Lothian, we restore buildings and contents after fires have occurred. We encourage you to train your employees on some basic fire safety techniques on an annual basis. 

Here’s a quick list of some techniques you should use. 

Fire extinguisher training should be done on an annual basis, at least, and should also be part of the initial training for new employees. 

The P.A.S.S Technique 

If employees aren't confident they can safely put out a fire, they should evacuate instead. The acronym P.A.S.S. helps employees remember each step of using an extinguisher to reduce fire damage

  1. Pull the pin. Find the pin at the top of the canister and pull it out to break the tamper seal. 
  1. Aim the nozzle at the base of the fire. When the source of water is doused, the flames should die down. 
  1. Squeeze the handle to release the pressurized chemicals inside the canister. 
  1. Sweep the spray from side to side, maintaining your focus at the base of the fire.  

After working through the steps, keep your eye on the area. If flames reappear, repeat steps 2 to 4. 

Annual Fire Response Drills 

  • Use the following steps in case of a fire (and during yearly drills.) 
  • Pull the fire alarm and alert the fire department. 
  • Protect the designated evacuation path. If fire, heat, or smoke threatens to come between employees and the exit, personnel should evacuate instead of fighting the fire. 
  • Choose an appropriate extinguisher. 
  • Complete the P.A.S.S. technique. 
  • Observe the location of the fire to catch any flames that may reignite.  
  • Evacuate immediately if the fire is too big, if the air isn't safe to breathe, if the room is too hot or smoky, and/or if the evacuation path is compromised. 
  • Once the ability to use the fire extinguisher has been mastered and employees have been trained in the fire response routine, schedule opportunities for employees to practice their responses to a fire. 

Practice Safety 

It doesn't take long for a kitchen fire to pop up in a restaurant or flames to appear in an industrial setting. Protect your employees with training on how to use a fire extinguisher and regular drills in fire safety techniques. 

Industry Leading Equipment

2/4/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Edgewater understands that using the proper equipment makes a measurable difference in reducing claims loss expense. When time matters, and it most certainly does in the restoration industry, technology and equipment must be counted on to perform. SERVPRO Franchise Professionals will always answer your call with fast action.  

Our industry leading detection equipment helps provide our customers with an accurate scope. Scoping involves locating the areas of the structure into which water has intruded and defining the extent to which the structure and contents have absorbed moisture. We use the same devices to ensure a room, space, or environment has been dried thoroughly. Some of these pieces of equipment include: 

Moisture Sensores – used to detect moisture in carpets and carpet padding 

Moisture Meters – used to determine the actual moisture content of various materials and provides accurate readings to monitor the drying process 

Thermo-hygrometers – measure both temperature and relative humidity 

Infrared Cameras – can identify the location and extent of moisture in walls very effectively  

Manometers – measures the difference in air pressure when creating a negative air pressure environment  

If you experience a disaster at your home or business, call us today at 410-867-3590 and we can make it “Like it never even happened.” 

5 Ways Water Damage Occurs in the Winter Months

1/20/2022 (Permalink)

Just because it is cold out does not mean water damage cannot affect your home. Water damage never sleeps. In fact, it is more common in the winter months than most others. Water can destroy your home or business’ walls, carpets, cabinets, ceilings and so much more. That is why, in this blog post, we want to talk about 5 ways water damage can occur during the winter months: 

Frozen Pipes – As one of the most common types of water damage causes in the winter, frigid temperatures cause pipes to freeze and break resulting in large water losses. 

Leaking Water Heater – Colder temperatures cause water heaters to work harder to heat up. When an older heater is constantly running and working harder, it often results in leaks or bursts.  

Melting Snow – Melting snow on your roof can create a serious threat. If gutters are clogged or frozen, water can seep back into your roof and in your attic. Water trapped in attics almost always support mold growth due to humidity. Melting snow can also leak into cracks in your property’s foundation, causing flooding.  

Overflowing Gutters – As previously mentioned, clogged gutters pose a serious threat during the winter months. Water can leak into the roof and pour over the sides, creating cracks in the foundation. 

Poorly Insulated Pipes – If a water line is exposed to outside temperatures, it must be properly insulated. Any exposed pipe not covered by some type of foam or fiberglass will most likely freeze and break during the winter.  

Snowstorm Inbound? What You Can do to Save Your Home

1/13/2022 (Permalink)

Attention to our fellow Anne Arundel County residents! If you have not been following the weather forecast, we have some news for you! An upcoming snowstorm is set to hit the East coast this weekend. Weather forecasts are calling for up to a few of snow with other wintry conditions on Sunday afternoon into early Monday morning.  

Travel disruptions could heavily affect our area near the end of Martin Luther King Jr. Weekend. The storm is still developing so its course is still unpredictable. That begs the question, are you prepared to tackle another winter snowstorm? Is your house in condition to withstand the wintry mix? If not, our professionals over at SERVPRO of Edgewater/Deale-Churchton/Lothian have gathered some tips for you to winterize your home before it is too late! 

Weatherproof your home. 

Ensuring your home is safe from any weather damage is essential for major snowstorms. This can include unclogging your gutters, clearing debris, and tree limbs away from the foundation of your home, turning off your outdoor water supply and more.  

Test your smoke detector.  

You should change your smoke detectors’ batteries twice a year. Daylight savings is a perfect time to do so. If you forgot this year, make sure you test your smoke detector in case of emergency.  

Check your emergency supplies.  

It is always a good idea to stock up on batteries, portable chargers, gasoline, food, and water when a storm is inbound.  

Clean or have your chimney inspected.  

Winter weather can cause considerable damage to your chimney, especially if it is already compromised.  

Considering purchasing a generator.  

A backup power supply in case of an outage can be the difference between being cold and being comfortable. With the most recent snowstorm, several homes on the East coast lost power, some for several days.  

Be Winter Ready!

1/10/2022 (Permalink)

Some steps to take to prepare for the winter Here are some steps you can take to prepare for a power outage.

Freezing temperatures are already upon us. And with freezing temperatures, comes frozen sprinkler pipes. We all know how unpredictable Maryland weather can be; we saw it happen last week with 60 degrees one day and 10 inches of snow the next. So that begs the question, are you and your home winter ready? 

If not, SERVPRO of Edgewater/Deale-Churchton/Lothian has you covered. Did you know a sprinkler pipe at a typical flow fate of 30 gallons per minute can expel as much as 500 gallons of water in 15 minutes? In just 15 minutes, flowing water can cause serious damage to your home.  

Here are a few tips to consider for your family:  

  • Make a family communications plan and evacuation plan for the winter months 
  • Travel safely and smartly, being well-rested and well-prepared during daylight hours 
  • Consistently monitor the weather, especially when planning a big event 
  • Keep safe heaters on a single electrical cord, at least three feet away from flammable objects 
  • Turn off your outdoor water supply and ensure your sump pump is running properly  

If you have any problems this winter, call SERVPRO of Edgewater/Deale-Churchton/Lothian and we will send our certified professionals to make any size disaster “Like it never even happened.”  

Are Your Pets Ready for Winter?

1/6/2022 (Permalink)

We all love the snow, most of us anyway. Going on a wintry wonderland walk is always peaceful and can help clear your mind, especially with your pet by your side. Here at SERVPRO of Edgewater/Deale-Churchton/Lothian, we love our pets as much as we love getting emergency calls. These winter weather walks can be hazardous for your pet so here is some advice from our franchise:  

Exposure to winter’s cold, dry air and chilly precipitation can cause chapped paws and itchy, flaking skin for your pet. In addition to this, winter walks can become outright dangerous if your pet licks chemicals from ice-melting substances off its paws.  

  • Keep your home humidified and dry your pets when they come inside to avoid itchy skin. 
  • Never shave your dog in the winter. Instead, go for a short trim until the weather warms up. 
  • Bathe your pets as little as possible during freezing weather. 
  • Applying petroleum jelly or using booties could help protect your pet’s paws.  
  • Feed your pet a little extra during the winter. This additional scoop of food provides extra calories.  
  • Remember, if it is too cold for you, it is too cold for your pet.  

We hope you enjoyed these cold weather safety tips for your pets! Stay warm this winter!